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SR1 C.O.O.L.™ Education Model Explained

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SR1 C.O.O.L.™ Education Model Explained

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SR1 utilizes a proven model of success with results that show that students participating in the program have significant improvements academically and socially. Once a student enters our programming, we will work with them holistically through our pipeline until they become adults. As adolescents transition through the pipeline, we provide them and their families an array of beneficial services. SR1’s proven, independently evaluated, and holistic student-centered Community Oriented Opportunities for Learning (C.O.O.L.™) growth model promotes college access and success. The goal of SR1’s model is to deliver a pipeline of services that (1) reaches many students in order to affect the culture of community, (2) transforms the social environments that impact student development, and (3) creates programs at a large scale in order to meet the distinctive needs of counties and local communities. In the end, the C.O.O.L.™ Project model will be part of the accessible programs that are linked to one another in order to provide uninterrupted support for healthy student growth. Our staff guarantees “College Access and Success” for those who remain with SR1’s pipeline of services.