Spotlight// Super Sophomores

Scientific Research

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SR1, Scientific Research, is a non-profit organization located in Ridgeland that focuses on college access and success for the counties of Hinds, Madison, and Scott. Last May SR1 saw its first crew of seniors, two of whom had been in the program since ninth grade, graduate from high school. This year, SR1 has more than doubled the amount of seniors they had last year; however it’s the sophomores who get October’s spotlight.

SR1’s sophomore class, includes Jamesia Kelly, James Phillips, and Johnathan Williams, all of whom have been in the program since their sixth grade year at Brinkley Middle School, one of SR1’s Hinds County sites. They have been leaders in all that they do.

Because they have been a part of SR1 longer than even some of the upperclassmen, they understand SR1’s motto of college access and success. SR1 strives to promote the availability of college by helping to eliminate disparities in education, health, and technology. SR1 believes that all students should have the chance to reach their full potential through its proven model of success, which includes components in: civic literacy, outdoor and recreational activities, healthy lifestyle, academic and innovation skills, family and relationship education, and life and career skills.

Robotics team, honors classes, and Drug-Free Coalition Youth Ambassadors are just some of the many programs that SR1’s “Super Sophomores” are a part of.

This bright group of leaders has grown from their sixth grade selves, into 10th – graders who are helping others to grow.

Jamesia Kelly, one of the “Super Sophomores” who attends Murrah High School, has declared herself a leader by acting as a mentor to Cameron Little, a fellow SR1 program goer who is a ninth- grader at Murrah High School.

“I just want him to know that if I could do it, he can do it, and I’m going to make sure he does,” says Kelly, as she directs her “mentee” to go to the board and participate in an ACT English lesson.

Just in the 10th grade, these students have already illustrated great characteristics that will help them to be successful throughout their matriculation in high school and beyond, but with SR1’s help, they will continue to grow to higher heights, helping others along the way.