Spotlight// Corey Wright of MS Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

Scientific Research

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Alligators, bones, snakes, oh my!


SR1 and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have a long-standing partnership and one of the benefits of that partnership is access to professionals in the fields of Wildlife Management and Natural Sciences. On October 29th, 2015, Corey Wright , in conjunction with the Mississippi Museum of Natural Sciences, located in Jackson, Miss. came to speak to the students about different types of reptiles However, he didn’t come alone: he brought some of his cold-blooded comrades along for the ride, as part of a show-and-tell presentation.

Though the creatures were put away in carrying bins, it did not stop some of the students from being afraid of what they knew was inside.


“Oh my goodness. Are they real?,” screeched 9th grade Lanier High School student, Rodneshia Edwards, as she scurried past the bin, which held the two alligators.

Some students, however; were unafraid of the creatures that lay before them. 9th grade Murrah High School twins, Angel and Angela Helom readily volunteered to hold the two alligators, and show them off to the class.

Besides showing off his slithering friends, Corey spoke to the students about working hard to achieve their goals, and the importance of higher education.


At SR1, one of the goals of the program is to expose students to opportunities and experiences that they may not have encountered or displayed interest in before.

This is one of the many activities that SR1 provides for the students to participate in.