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On Nov.13, SR1 selected four high school students -Tykerria Hamlin, Kaitlin Powell, Vincent King, and Kendontre Brown,- to participate in Mississippi State University’s VetAspire program.

VetAspire is an all – day program that lasts from 8 a.m. – until 5 p.m., and is designed for students to spend the day at MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine to shadow vet students and get a glimpse into what the school is all about. The students are able to gain field and clinical experience and exposure to multiple species of animals by participating in clinics, lectures, and hands-on activities. The goal of the program is to expose students to the field of veterinary medicine in hopes that they will choose it as a career path. Students also get to see the real-world impact of math, science, and communications training, through their tour of the vet program.

As the future doctors entered the vet school, they prepared themselves for the day’s events, and were debriefed by Katie Timmerman, communications coordinator for the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, about what the day would consist of and about Mississippi State as a whole.

While hearing about MSU and seeing everything that the school had to offer, 11th grade Canton High School student, Vincent King, who had never thought of attending MSU, was now convinced that this was the school for him.

“It’s a good school, with the program that I want to be in,” says King of his new potential university.

King was not the only student that had a change of heart. Tenth grade Raymond High School student Kaitlin Powell, who had always imagined herself with a doctor’s coat and scalpel, but working on people, was now considering working with animals.

“I want to be a doctor, being able to do surgery and work on people, but now I think want to work with animals,” says Powell, as she thinks back to the past summer where she participated in a two-day dissection session at Millsaps with SR1.

Just as the VetAspire program gives students hands-on and real-world experience by teaching, SR1 does the same thing, but all year round.

SR1 focuses on college access and success, and even has partnerships with a number of colleges and universities in Mississippi. SR1 helps to eliminate disparities in education, health, and technology, by providing creative and innovative lessons to the students.