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C.O.O.L.™ Walmart

Scientific Research

C.O.O.L.™ Walmart

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SR1’s Community Oriented Opportunities for Learning (C.O.O.L.™) Project—a year round concrete, adventurous holistic project that motivates 6th-12th students to aspire toward a college career with a strong science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) background. SR1’s pipeline of holistic services for students and caregivers ensure that underserved 6th-12th graders who reside in Hinds, Madison, and Scott counties will be prepared for post-secondary majors and careers. By utilizing project-based learning, students are introduced to the required computing, creativity, logic, and problem-solving facets that are present globally in the 21st century. Project-based learning allows students to learn from experiences and apply them to the world inside and outside their classrooms. The C.O.O.L. Project’s activities were selected based on the need to counteract the detrimental short-term and long-term effects on economically disadvantaged students, families, and communities caused by a lack of academic achievement, life and career skills, and a supportive environment.