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C.O.O.L.™ Partners

Scientific Research

C.O.O.L.™ Partners

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SR1 (Scientific Research) collaborates with public and private partners to decrease disparities among citizens, with special emphasis among unrepresented minorities. From its earliest days, SR1 has had the strong support of local educational agencies, colleges and universities that share our vision of creating college opportunities for underserved students. Since then, public and private partners from throughout our nation and Mississippi have added their support to the cause. We would like to thank our current college and universities supporters – Millsaps College, University of Southern Mississippi – Learning Enhancement Center, and Mississippi State University College of Engineering. We would also like to thank our private partners of Xerox Corporation and Charles Schwab.

We are grateful to our initial partners who have not only given generous grants to introduce and continue valuable programs, but who have collaborated on joint ventures to increase college access to low-income students and students of color. Our partners include non-profit foundations, individuals, corporations and businesses, and local, state and federal government.


Gift of Hope

Mrs. Y. Brown
Ms. D. Hutton
Walmart Ridgeland, Mississippi
University of Mississippi Center for Math and Science Education

Gift of Dreams

($1,001- $50,000)
Kia Graham
Entergy Mississippi
Mississippi State Department of Health
Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks
Walmart Foundation
Wells Fargo

Gift of Goals

Mississippi Department of Education
Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service